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I love how easy you made it to see the simple changes I could make to my website to improve the number of visitors!

Adam Kirk

SEO Expert

What You’ll Get In Your SEO

Free Video Review

I'll take a look at your website from three different perspectives. First I'll look at what a customer sees, and then I'll see what your competitors are doing well that you could profit from. Finally, I'll study the main technical areas that Google looks at to see how they can be improved.

What I’ll Do Before the Video

I'll collect some basic information from you, including your website address and the key goal of your site, e.g. leads, sales, etc.

What Happens During the Video

I'll use screen capture software to review key elements of your site and record my thoughts and observations as I do this.

What Happens With the Video

When the video is complete, I'll share it with you. I'll also provide recommendations for improvement which we can discuss.

About Adam Kirk

I've been an SEO consultant for over five years. I ran the ecommerce website of a national retailer to its first profit and now manage my own membership and information websites with over 50,000 monthly visitors.

Over the past five years, I've helped several businesses improve their rankings in Google, leading to more sales and leads for them.

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