FREE SEO Review Video

As a small business owner It's hard to know where to begin with SEO.

That's why I offer a FREE video review service of your website.

The video, which will be at least ten minutes long, is broken down into four sections:

  1. Customer View - How to improve your website for customers to drive more leads or sales from your visitors
  2. On Site Review - A look at the technical operation of your site and what changes can be made to improve your rankings
  3. Competitor Gaps - I'll study what your competitors are ranking for that you could too
  4. Off-Site Review - Backlinks are vital to good rankings, and they are what I'll look at in this section

Take a look at the example video below that I made for another business. If you'd like me to make one for your business, fill in the application form.

Free SEO Video Example

Smart Garden Offices is a website that is typical of many smaller but growing businesses.

It does a lot of things quite well, but there is a lot of room for improvement, and many of the changes needed to bring more organic visitors are not hard to make.

If you'd like me to make a similar video for your website, free of charge, fill in the form on the right.

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