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I specialise in custom Search Engine Optimisation campaigns for small and medium businesses.

Whether you're just beginning your SEO journey or you need somebody to drive the search performance of a big website, there's a package below that's right for your needs.

SEO Assessment

This is the perfect option if you're just getting started with SEO. It's also the cheapest option if you just want to understand where you're at.

My SEO Assessment package is a one-off evaluation of your business website. I'll look at its content, technical set-up, how customers use it, and its overall strengths and weaknesses.

You'll end up with a valuable introduction to SEO and a plan for how to start ranking higher in Google search to bring in more organic (i.e. free) leads and sales.

To find out what's included and pricing, click the button below.

SEO Quick Start

If you already understand the basics of Search Engine Optimisation then it makes sense to jump straight to my Quick Start package.

As the name suggests, this is a fast and thorough one-time piece of work to get your website SEO healthy. Think of it like building a solid foundation. The Quick Start package is broken into three phases:

Research & Planning - Includes setting up all Google tracking properties and monitoring their data; keyword research so we know what you should rank; analysis of your competitors to find your competitive advantage, and; development of a content strategy.

Action - When the research is complete, I'll jump into your website and fix all of the little issues that Google hates so much. You'll receive a well tuned website and tailored proposals to grow your site's organic traffic.

Results - When this phase is complete, I'll monitor the impact and discuss the results with you and what the next steps are that you should take.

To find out more about what's included and pricing, click the button below.

Monthly SEO Services

The packages above are more like the 'design and build' phase of SEO. But the world of SEO is a dynamic one, and you can't think of your work as done just because you've got great foundations.

When you move into a new house, you expect to have to put work into maintaining, decorating, and improvement. The same is true for a website to stay on top of its SEO game.

Your competitors are constantly striving to outrank you, which is why I offer a monthly SEO plan tailored to the needs of your business. Each month, you should expect good communication and reporting from me but, more importantly, I'll carry out a series of activities to strengthen your SEO position.

Monthly Packages

I offer three tiers of monthly support services, so you can pick the level right for your business:

Starter - This is great if you need me to keep on top of your site's housekeeping. I'll also provide a strategy programme for your content and link building. It's low cost and will make sure nothing goes awry.

Intermediate - When you're ready to grow your site so you show up for more searches in Google, this is the plan to get you started. As well as everything in the starter level, I'll provide new content every month for your site.

Advanced - Now you are ready to make faster progress with your site in the Google! With this package, you'll get more content from me and I'll begin building links to your site, which is the source of authority. 

If you're not sure what the right approach is for you, don't worry. Click this link to email me directly. I'm happy to work through your needs and offer the right solutions for where you business is at.

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